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Nkede Speaks

Appreciate the beauty of mother nature but acknowledge her cry for help.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

My name is Nkede and I love my Africa A cradle to a strong people Nature at her best: dry, wet, warm, and flourishing The mighty king of the jungle dwells in her abode There is no place like home!


But, last week, I had a dream The weather was crisp With beautiful streaks of yellow and red all around The fresh smell of earth and pumpkins “Oh! There is a place as beautiful as home”, I said


Two days ago, there was another And it felt like a trance An undulating stretch of hot sand to my left To my right, endless sheets of ice It was then I concluded, “ Oh! The Universe reveals the wonders of earth to me.” And lo, How wondrous is this creation! Mhle kakhulu! Magnificent!


However yesterday, It was dark The ice sheets were disappearing The earth did not smell as fresh The trees were burning And to my greatest shock The king of the jungle fled for safety I coughed, kept coughing, no I was choking! Something was wrong With every strength left in me, I screamed to anyone who cared to listen Umhlaba uyaphela! The earth is failing!”


Then I awoke in sweats, What a relief! It was just another dream I looked out my window and could see it The Universe has sent its message: Kufuneka siwusindise umhlaba: We must save the earth!

Cover Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

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